YouPay: Android/iPhone app for roommates and everyone else


If you have ever lived in a flat-sharing community you probably know this situation: Everyone has a turn to do the shopping from time to time. Today you go shopping for 12 € and the next time your roommate goes for only 8 € and tells you that you are the next in line. That's not fair, isn't it?

Some friends of mine and me have thought of a solution for this problem: YouPay - An app where you and your friends can enter your expenses and the app tells you who is the next in line. There is already an iPhone app available, last week the Android version was released and I'm working on an web version of this app. At the moment I can't say when the webapp will be ready because I have also some other projects I'm working on and there is some additional planing to do because the web version will have some extra functionality compared to both smartphone apps (of cource I don't tell you more about this at the moment).

Please check out the apps if you are an iPhone or Android user and give feedback. Both Apps are free (this time only free as in free beer).

logo screenshot