SynchronizeFX Demo and HowTo


I've done a little demo application and a step-by-step tutorial for SynchronizeFX.

The demo consists of a small server application with a simple domain model and a client application that shows a slider control that is synchronized.

On the server there is a domain model that contains a DoubleProperty named sliderValue. This model is transfered to the client applications and will be synchronized between the applications.

On the client we have a view containing a Slider control. This control is bound bidirectionally to the model value so that when the user is dragging the slider at first the value changes in the local instance of the domain model and is synchronized to the server after that.

The SynchronizeFX library ensures that the domain model is synchonized automatically. This means that the change of one client is instantly send to all other clients.

screenshot of the client

The whole step-by-step tutorial and the source code can be seen at github: